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Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Welcome to my website featuring Paul Reed Smith guitars.  THIS IS NOT A MUSEUM.  Unless the picture below is marked SOLD!!!, all of the guitars you see are for sale and available.  I’ve been buying and selling PRS guitars on e-Bay for over sixteen years now, with a 100% positive feedback rating.  In recent years however, e-Bay seller fees have become simply insane, prompting sellers like myself to go out on their own.  Any US made PRS guitar that you see posted on e-Bay is listed with a starting price more than $300 higher than necessary, so the seller can recover the transaction fees that e-Bay extracts.   “Fee-Bay” profits continue to climb year over year and they are scheduled to raise their rates again soon!!!  Why pay more than you have to for any guitar you want to buy?  Please click on the ABOUT tab at the top of this page to learn more about me, my reputation for selling high quality PRS guitars and the clear cut ways that I can address any potential on-line security concerns a buyer might have.  Then have a look at my current inventory of PRS guitars below featuring many rare, pre-factory hand-made instruments.  Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Hi- Resolution Photo Spread of Each Guitar

Please be sure to save this page to your favorites and check back soon.  I check messages sent through the contact page daily and respond promptly.  I've just recently migrated all of my web sites to a new service provider for greater reliability.  I'm constantly adding new posts of the inventory that came in while my old site was out of service.  Many of the guitars posted below are up for the very first time.  Due to the magnitude of the site migration project, not all of the descriptions are posted yet.  If you have questions about ANY guitar that you see here.... CALL ME.  The SOLD!!! posts have all been updated.  I recently saw a tee shirt that said "Life is short.  Buy the guitar".  You have to make a move and “pull the trigger” to keep people from buying them out from under you.  More info and guitars comings soon so please keep checking back or just message me before they are gone.  Thanks for visiting and Come Again!!!

98 Standard 24 Listing SOLD.jpg
2000 McCarty Rosewood Sold.jpg
07 Hollowbody SOLD!!!.jpg

                Hall of Fame

Below this line you can see the fine PRS Guitars that have passed through my site to happy new owners.  The detailed descriptions have been disabled to conserve server space but if you're researching PRS guitars and have a question about any of the pieces below, send me a message anytime....

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