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Acoustic Duo

Jim Scala & Mike Fedorchuk

Eclectic Rock Covers

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Things you will see at a WoodStone show…

Acoustic Duo performances of classic and contemporary classic rock favorites. WoodStone members Jim Scala and Mike Fedorchuk are veteran performers in Central New York, delivering concise acoustic arrangements from classic artist such as The Kinks, REM, U-2, Tom Petty, Allman Brothers, Simon & Garfunkle, Billy Joel and The Beatles to name a few. Contemporary Rock artists include Dave Matthews, Mumford & Sons, OAR, Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, The Decemberists, Third Eye Blind, and Incubus among others. Click tabs on the menu bar above for more information about WoodStone, including photographs and video shorts taken from recent performances.

Things you will not see at a WoodStone show….

There are some things that you will not see at a WoodStone show. At the very top of that short list is an electronic drum machine. We don't use click tracks, background recordings, bass guitar, pre-recorded loops or crutches of any kind. Two voices. Two guitars. Just the way we planned it.

Also….. We make no apologies that our show does not include original compositions. We ( just like you) are out there to have a good time. While we respectfully tip our hats to the many talented local musicians specializing in composition, we approach it from an “all or nothing” perspective. We're not planning to punctuate your evening or event with obscure original material. WoodStone is both careful about and proud of the musical selections on our song list. Great songs, selected to take you by surprise. Contemporary and classic rock that you have not seen covered acoustically by any other performers. Our mission is to tactfully ignore cliché acoustic selections, in order to bring you a high percentage of favorites that no other duo plays. You'll leave humming several of them on the way home.

          A recent clip from Owera Vineyards in Cazenovia, NY

           Video of the Week


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   Some random photo's of WoodStone performing at Up-State 

 New York Clubs & Wineries from Saratoga Springs to Rochester


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