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Own a Very Clean Piece of PRS History


Invest in a Guitar That Will Hold its Value for as Long as You Own it


1993 Paul Reed Smith




With a Rare and Red Hot


Electric Red Finish


**9.8 out of 10.0 Condition**


Scroll Down for 38 Hi-Def Pictures

Be sure to look closely at the color of the finish in the photographs below.  This is not a flat red finish.  I've done my best to capture the brilliant metal flake aspect of the finish on this guitar in the photographs.  It shows better in some pictures than others.  You can see the metal flake in some of the darker close-ups of the photo spread below.


Here are some things to think about as you look through the rest of the pictures.  Be sure to see the description at the bottom of the listing page as well.

  • A highly collectable pre-factory guitar

  • Short neck heel

  • Brilliant Electric Redmetal flake finish

  • Original White label HFS / VB pick-ups

  • One-piece Mil-Com bridge

  • Collector Condition

  •                                          Click on any picture to enlarge and/or scroll through the gallery

Click on "Show More" above, until the full gallery of 38 photo's is open

Though I have several vintage PRS to choose from when I go out to a gig, over the past three years or so pre-factory CE-24's have become my hands-down favorite for week-in / week-out live performance.  These alder body vintage CE model guitars are among the very best guitars that PRS has ever created.  The new PRS customs are extremely high quality instruments but it's very rare to find one that possesses the magic of a pre-factory guitar.  The new CE-24's are also quality built but never get close to the tone and feel of a short heel, vintage alder pre-factory CE like this one.


This guitar is in 9.8 collectors condition and has an extremely comfortable wide/thin neck carve.  The neck and headstock are perfect.  The finish on the back of the neck is new and glossy from end to end.  The frets show no wear or sign of play at all.  The fret board has a rich rosewood grain pattern.  Here are the noteworthy departures between this guitar and complete perfection......  As seen in photographs 17-20 below, there is a straight line ding in the side edge of the body, a faint streak which you have to look very close to see just forward of the volume knob and I can't be sure but I think the pots may have been replaced.  The wiring looks original and the rotary is surely original but the pots don't look like factory issue to me.  That being said, the factory original pick-ups do all the work in creating tone.  A 500K pot is a 500K pot and if they were changed, perhaps they needed to be.  They may or may not have been replaced but the guitar works perfectly either way.


These alder body CE's are rare and will appreciate in value no matter how hard you play them.     The vintage white label HFS / VB pick-ups are a great match for the alder / rosewood / maple tone woods of this instrument.  The frets are like new.  The case is a bit beat-up but still functions perfectly.  Comes with the original trem bar.

Please be sure to take a moment and click here to look at my ABOUT page or access it from the top menu bar.  You can click HERE to access my e-Bay feedback profile ( e-Bay seller dm-2 ) directly as well.  I encourage even the smallest of questions so always feel free to e-mail me any time.  Over 140 of my e-Bay feedback ratings are from PRS guitar sales.  If you've come to this page directly through an organic Google search, you can see a list of all the PRS guitars I currently have for sale HERE.  PRS guitars are an investment.  You'll ALWAYS have the option to re-sell it for as much or more than you paid.

This guitar is also listed on e-Bay with a starting price of $300 more than I'm asking here at my home page, due to outrageous e-Bay seller fees.  It is also on a rotating consignment schedule in two local music stores but I'm asking more there too, as they take a pretty healthy cut if they sell it.  Why pay more than you have to?  Check my feedback and buy it here.  It may be gone soon.  Send me an e-mail and we'll talk.   


$1575.00 Includes Ground shipping to the lower 48

Someone a lot smarter than I am recently said to me.....   "Life is short.  Buy the guitar"

You want it….  You can afford it….  Pull the trigger. 

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