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Hello and welcome to my Paul Reed Smith Guitars web site.  I've been buying, selling and playing PRS guitars exclusively, ever since I bought my first PRS in 2001.  I've completed over 250 transactions or more.  Two thirds of them were conducted on (or with the help of)  e-Bay.  Clicking THIS LINK will take you directly to my e-Bay feedback page where you can see 163 recorded entries with 100% positive feedback.  Over 140 of the 163 responses that you'll see there, represent  high value transactions for vintage pre-factory and classic PRS guitars.   Have a look at some of the comments left by satisfied buyers........


"Vintage PRS shipped quickly, condition as described. Thanks"                                            Transaction $2,275:   1992 Custom 24

"Killer guitar, great communication, fast shipping, buying again from this seller"            Transaction $3,300:   2008 Santana 1980 West Street Limited

"Great eBay'r! Item was absolutely as described! Beautiful guitar, great seller"                 Transaction $1790:   1993 Pearl White CE-24 Mint

"A wonderful transaction. The guitar arrived in perfect condition. A++ seller!"                Transaction $2,375:   2004 Hollowbody 1

"Great guitar, great packing, great seller! It's all good, highly recommend".                      Transaction $1,675:   2001 Pre-Law Suit Singlecut

"Good communication, a pleasure to deal with, item as described, very happy. A++"     Transaction $2,290:   1992 Custom 24 w/10 top & birds

"If you're going to spend $3000 on a Guitar, buy from this Seller, Very Professional"    Transaction $3,150:   1999 Custom 22 LEFTY

"The PRS Guy is probably the best in the business his word is gold."                                   Transaction $1,575:   2005 Custom 24

"High End, High Value PRS Guitar. Exactly as Described. Thank you!"                              Transaction $2,025:   1994 Custom 24

"Great guitar!! great seller!! HE IS THE PRS GUY!!"                                                              Transaction $2,075:   2005 Custom 22


The list goes on and on........  I didn't make this stuff up.  I just provided these people with fine Paul Reed Smith instruments and diligent personal service.  The comments above are simply cut and paste from my published feedback page on e-Bay.  You can see them for yourself among the rest of the 163 positive responses and the value of each transaction just by clicking THIS LINK to visit my active e-Bay feedback page.

I'm not only a buyer/seller of PRS guitars but also a player.  Most of the guitars I offer are Custom 24, Santana, CE-24 and Hollowbody models simply because those are the models I tend to enjoy playing the most.  I often pick-up random Single-cuts, Swamp Ash, 513, Custom 22, Rosewood and the occasional Lefty models among others as well, so if you don't see what you're looking for posted on the main page, send me a message to see what is pending.  I've always got several guitars either in-bound to me or simply in the process of being photographed, which have not yet been listed.  I've personally gigged each guitar that you see listed (with the exception of the lefty's of course) and may occasionally have some live video posted to my affiliated band web sites where you can hear and see these instrument on stage.



There will plenty of communication between us leading up to any kind of a formal transaction.  We'll talk.  Well correspond in any degree that you're comfortable with and we'll know each other.  I'll provide phone numbers, addresses, e-mails and contact information of all kinds including a land line phone number which I've had in service for over 29years.  I have no need for or interest in.... drama.  What you see is what you get.  What I describe to you about the instrument is what you'll find when you receive it.  I'm confident that my reputation speaks for itself and that you'll be as happy with your new guitar as all of those people that left feedback for me.  If all of that somehow comes up short of raising your comfort level, we can always list the guitar that you want to e-Bay and you can buy it there with all of the security measures they offer.  The down side of this "e-Bay approach to security" for you is that I would have to raise the price of the instrument to cover the actual amount of seller fees incurred when posting a "Fee-Bay" listing. Typically $250 to $350 more than my asking price.  You may feel that the extra fees are worth it and I'll be happy to accommodate, even though I'd rather see them not get the money.  If you buy a $2000 guitar in a store you pay $160 in sales tax.  If you buy one on e-Bay you pay $300 in transaction fees (actually the seller pays all the fees but has charged you $300 more for the guitar to cover it).  You can buy any of the extremely fine PRS guitars listed on my site with arrangements in which you will incur no fees or taxes at all.

I'm not a brick & mortar store.  I'm unable to process a credit card transaction at this time.  You can pay by credit card through PayPal however.  I deal primarily with US Postal Money Orders and/or PayPal.  Typical PayPal instant-pay transactions incur heavy fees which you may be responsible for unless we work something out.  There are alternative ways to process a PayPal payment which enable you to buy the guitar that you want without spending anything extra on transaction fees.  Local pick-up is fine if our relative geography supports it and I can typically deliver a guitar up to 150 miles radius of Syracuse, New York if that is what it takes to complete the transaction.

In Summary.... As a personal enthusiast, a buyer, a seller and a player, this site is all about PRS guitars and PRS guitars EXCLUSIVELY.  I'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have or share my experience regarding year, make, model or history of any PRS guitar.  Log in and send me a message.  We'll talk!!!

Thanks and enjoy surfing my site.

Jim Scala

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